About Us

Barış Soyak is the founder and owner of “Barış Soyak Art Gallery” where he acts as director. Barış’s expertise is investment-quality of Contemporary and Modern Art.

With over 20 years of experience on financial markets, Barış has a deep understanding of markets and valuations. This experience, together with his passion and experience with art, gives him a unique edge in the marketplace and allows him to make the process of purchasing, selling and consigning artwork simple and transparent for his clients. Barış, personally assists clients in acquiring art in the primary market (galleries and artists’ studios) and secondary market (private sales and auction houses).  He aims to create added value and to give advice for both art collectors and art investors based on transparency and confidence.  He also provides one to one service and expertise to his privileged customers. Working with both beginning and experienced collectors, Barış facilitates the development and refinement of his clients’ styles and tastes, whether they are starting collections, growing collections or buying art as an investment.